Middle Grade Fiction Series: Henry Huggins

Last year my kids and I were on a Beverly Cleary kick, especially the Henry Huggins series. We listened to the audio every time we drove anywhere: soccer practice, dance practice, the store, the park, the bus stop, etc. We always looked forward to what was going to happen to Henry Huggins next.

The audio was read by Neal Patrick Harris, who has a perfect voice for the stories. If you have young boys (Kindergarten on up) you DEFINITELY need to get started on these.

My kids STILL talk about these books!

Basically, they’re about Henry Huggins, a pretty typical boy in a typical neighborhood. He’s neighbors with Beezus and Ramona, who cause him all sorts of trouble. Eventually he gets a dog, Ribsy, who adds to the trouble. The stories are funny, heart-warming, and nostalgic. I must say that I had just as much fun listening to them as my kids did.

I think my favorite stories included Ribsy, because a boy and his dog is just a special bond. Our family recently got a dog, so of course my kids wanted to name him Ribsy. But we went with Emmett instead.

Here are the six books in the Henry Huggins series. You don’t necessarily have to read them in order, but it does help. Click on the book covers to see how much they are on Amazon. Seriously, they’re not that expensive! These would make great gifts for your kids.

Henry Huggins

Henry and Beezus

Henry and Ribsy

Henry and the Paper Route

Henry and the Clubhouse


After listening to them on audio, I decided to buy the books to always have in my house, because they are classics that we can read again and again.

What’s your favorite Beverly Cleary book?

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